16.03.2019 patch notes

Hi, just a quick update for Spinnortality: a slightly improved build will be up in a few minutes. You can now mouse over Public Opinion to see what's changing it, a feature that's been requested since, like, forever! Yay!

Patch notes:

  • financial projections will now take moon costs/profits into account
  • "earnings" product tab in nation window now correctly displays items by earnings
  • PR stunts that require a certain type of nation cannot be triggered unless a nation with those qualities exists
  • AI climax has been tweaked so it appears more frequently. (Players seemed to report this was the rarest cliamx.)
  • if a corpornation somehow has more than 100% shares, the system will get rid of the excess.
  • mousing over public opinion now gives you a readout of all the things that affect it
  • Finance projections now include moon things and renewing PR projects
  • when clicking the top-left interface to see a product's launch success, you can also see which nations are launching something that turn.
  • Tutorial: it was previously possible to delete a notification, locking the tutorial up.
  • Fixed bug where "net neutrality" would trigger waaaaay too often.


Spinnortality v05.03.2019 windows.zip 307 MB
Mar 05, 2019
Spinnortality v05.03.2019 mac.zip 313 MB
Mar 05, 2019
Spinnortality v05.03.2019 linux.zip 327 MB
Mar 05, 2019

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