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Found a company, spread fake news, start riots and become immortal. In this cyberpunk management sim, wealth is power and corporations are king. Can you monopolize the globe and build a corporate empire that will stand forever?


“It’s a delicious premise and executed well [...] It’s a remarkably deep simulation, with more layers of strategy emerging as your company grows.”

-PC Gamer

“It’s a highly addictive game with stylish visuals, a well designed UI and deep strategic gameplay [...] Highly recommended.”

-Alpha Beta Gamer

“It’s an intriguing premise, especially when you keep reading and see the depths of bastardry you can get up to.”

-Rock Paper Shotgun


Found a powerful corporation. Use it to market horrific products, control the media, cause riots, crash stock markets, topple governments and become immortal. 

In this 8-20 hour turn-based management game, you will:

  • Achieve immortality with cutting edge tech.
  • Bribe politicians, spread fake news, rig elections.  
  • Research products such as metacritic for friendships, sentient social media and ‘auto-career.’ Market them so they’re irresistible. 
  • Crash stock markets, trigger riots or topple governments. 
  • Determine humanity's future. 


Go the extra mile and get the "Soundtrack and Behind the Scenes" extras! It contains:

  • The game's soundtrack, remixed a little by the composer.
  • Scans of my handwritten notes while making the game, from its initial conception (and list of potential names) to marketing and final tweaks.
  • "But what does it mean?: inspirations and motivations behind Spinnortality", a short document explaining the game's inspirations, and its theoretical underpinnings.


The game is available in English, French and German.


Buy Now$9.99 USD or more

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Spinnortality v23_10_2020 Windows.zip 311 MB
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Spinnortality v03.02.2020 Windows.zip 310 MB
Spinnortality v03.02.2020 Mac.zip 316 MB
Spinnortality v03.02.2020 Linux.zip 271 MB
Soundtrack and Behind the Scenes Extras 242 MB
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