A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Spinnortality is a cyberpunk management game where you run a giant, evil megacorporation. Become the CEO of a global company in an unsettling cyberpunk near-future. This is an alpha build to give people a feeling for the final game.

  • Build products such as metacritic for friendships, artificial organs and an 'auto-career' service. 
  • Research awful products, then use marketing campaigns to convince everyone they're awesome.
  • Buy up media outlets to manipulate social norms. 
  • Bribe politicians to influence national laws. 
  • Manage black ops to rig elections, crash stock markets or trigger riots. 
  • Keep public relations under control by donating to charities. 
  • Pursue world-changing agendas. 
  • Become immortal by transferring your mind to a new body.

The game will be on Kickstarter in a matter of days! Soon you can back it! Basically I don't know how much more I should work on it, so I'll let Kickstarter decide whether I should finish it ASAP or add a bunch more features/content.

The game's official page is spinnortality.com. Go there to follow the newsletter or for more screenshots and stuff.

The latest build is now v0.851, so go ahead and grab that.

Saves from v0.8501 are not compatible I'm afraid. :(

Install instructions

Unzip, then run the .exe file.


Spinnortality v0_851 (windows).zip 159 MB
Spinnortality v0_851 (mac).zip 164 MB
Spinnortality v0_851 (linux).zip 164 MB
OLD_Spinnortality v0_8501 (linux).zip 163 MB
OLD_Spinnortality v0_8501 (mac).zip 163 MB
OLD_Spinnortality v0_8501 (win).zip 158 MB
Spinnortality v0_851 (linux universal).zip 178 MB